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Beginning Agility
This class is an introduction to the sport of Agility.  The class focus will be on obedience cues and positions as it relates to agility.  Dogs and handlers will be introduced to agility equipment and basic handling skills. Emphasis will be on safety and having fun with your dog. Positive reinforcement and shaping techniques are used to build foundations.  Dogs and handlers will learn turning/directional cues, targeting, two-on-two off contacts, and weave entries.  Dogs with a reliable recall may begin to work off leash under instructor guidance. Class can be repeated until the necessary skills are learned to proceed to Agility 1.

Prerequisite: Attended formal group obedience classes and be proficient in sit-stay, down-stay and coming when called in the presence of other dogs.Ramp

Class starts October 30 7:00 – 7:45 pm
Cost: $120 for 6 weeks – limit 6
Instructor: Cheri Moore
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Agility 1/ Continuing
Class will enhance the skills from Beginning Agility.  Handlers and dogs will learn how to work together through obstacles with focus, drive and independence. Introduction of the three crosses – front, rear and blind and training will emphasize proper timing and execution of them. Skills covered include how to read the handler’s body language, lines and verbal turning cueing.  Class can be repeated until the necessary skills are learned to proceed to Agility 2.

Prerequisite: Completion of Beginning Agility Ramp

Class starts Tuesday August 27 9 9:00 – 10:00 am
Cost: $120 for 6 weeks – limit 4
Instructor: Debbie Crews
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Class starts Tuesday August 27 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Cost: $120 for 6 weeks – limit 4
Instructor: Debbie Crews
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Intro to Tricks
During the 1920’s to the 1940’s trick dogs, Rin Tin Tin and Lassie won people’s hearts. Trick dog training has become an exciting area in dog training for both dogs and handlers. Trick Dog Class will allow you to have fun with your dog and reinforce the bond you have with each other. You will have the opportunity to earn an AKC Novice Trick Dog Title (TKN) at the end of the four week class, the class fee includes the test.

To learn more about AKC’s Trick Dog Sport visit:

Class starts Friday November 15, 2019
Length:  45 min/week for 4 weeks
Time: 6:00 – 6:45 pm
Cost: $100.00 includes Trick Dog test fee
Class limited to 6 students
Prerequisite: Dog-Gone Fun Level 3
Instructor: Cheri Moore

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Intro to Dog Sports
So your dog needs a job!  It is hard to know what you and your dog would like unless you try it.  Our 4 week Intro to Dog Sports Class exposes you and your dog to the world of Dog competition.
Class #1  Foundation/tricks class to get you rolling and introduce some teaching skills.
Class #2 Agility.  Learn a bit about the sport and introduce your dog to some of the standard agility equipment.
Class#3  Treibball.  The game consists of herding a number of large inflatable exercise into a large soccer-like net.  This sport is is great fun for high energetic dogs who work well off leash and need a job, dogs who like to chase stuff or dogs who like to herd and don’t have sheep.
Class# 4  K9 Nose Work. A new dog sport!  Discover how much fun scent work can be for your dog and wear him out! Great for shy or fearful dogs.

Each class lasts one hour and is taught at our Dog-Gone Fun Training Facility. Each class is taught by experienced instructors that actively teach and compete in their sport.

Class starts Sunday  TBA
Length: 60 min/week for 4 weeks
Cost: $120.00 Limit: 6 dogs
Instructors: Cheri Moore, Nancy Osborne
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