Frequently Asked Questions

Do I bring my own Food?
We encourage you to provide your dog’s food. By keeping your dog’s diet consistent, this will cut down on upset stomachs and intestinal upsets. We ask that you bring your dog’s food in the amount that they will need and slightly more. We like to avoid large bags or containers unless your dog is here for an extended stay because of a limited storage space. We can also accommodate special diets. We have both a refrigerator and microwave to make the perfect meal.

Can you administer Medications?
We can give both topical and oral medication upon request. When you arrive we will give you a standard form and we will go over the exact times and dosages together.

Can we bring toys and beds?
You are more than welcome to bring any personal items to make you dog feel comfortable and at home. We can give them to your dog during quiet time. We don’t like dogs to share their toys with their playmates because of guarding issues. If your dog tends to chew bedding, that behavior may increase in our setting. We are not responsible for torn or shredded toys and beds.

Does my dog need to be kenneled at night?
We kennel all dogs at night for their safety. Dogs are instinctually den animals and feel more secure in an enclosed area. To get a good restorative sleep it is important that your dog relax and know they will not be bothered by others. Your dog will be well rested and ready for the next day’s activities.

**Dog-Gone Fun is licensed and inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

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