All dogs must be non-aggressive to other dogs and humans and pass an initial evaluation day. The evaluation day is free but by appointment only. It is important that we meet you and your dog when it is not a busy drop-off time.dogtail_face

During the day we will introduce him to some potential low-key playmates.

Dogs may not be possessive over toys, space or humans.

Any dog that frequently urinates or “marks” indoors will not be allowed to attend.  This is for sanitary reasons.

Owners must show proof that their dog is current on all required vaccines before the first day of daycare.  This includes Distemper/Parvo, Bordatella, and Rabies, following the protocol of their veterinarian.  These vaccines (except rabies) must have been given 7 days before the first day of daycare.

In addition:
– Puppies must have received the 2nd set of vaccines before the age of 12 weeks to attend daycare.
– All dogs over the age of 7 months must be spayed or neutered.
– Dogs must be free of internal parasites by producing proof of a negative fecal once yearly.
– Dogs must be on a regular effective form of flea control such as frontline or advantage.
– Dogs must be in overall good health.

If your dog has been coughing, sneezing or has had any type of stomach upset such as vomiting or diarrhea, please let us know. These can be signs of problems that can be transmitted to other dogs.Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 2.07.25 PM

If, during daycare, your dog becomes ill, he will be separated from other dogs until you are able to pick him up. This is for his safety as well as the “pack’s” safety.

Payment is due when you pick up, unless you have previously purchased a 10 or 20 day pass.

Any pick-up after 6 p.m. will be subjected to a $10.00 late fee. Overnight kennel arrangements will be made at the owner’s expense if an owner is more than ½ hour late picking up.

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