Daycare Prices

Effective June 15, 2021

                                  1st dog                 Additional dogs
1 day daycare           $28                       $26/dog
10 day pass              $260 can be used for multiple dogs
20 day pass              $450 can be used for multiple dogs

Boarding Prices /24 hours

day care dogs with passes will pay $10 overnight for each dog

$38/dog     $28 daycare/$10 overnight

8+ nights 5% discount   
15+ nights 10% discount         

Payment is due when you pick up, unless you have previously purchased a 10 or 20 day pass. Passes are issued to dogs that attend daycare on a regular basis, two or more times monthly all year round.

Boarding Fees:
Boarding dogs that are dropped off in the afternoon will be charged for a full day of day care, $28 plus the overnight fee. We offer afternoon drop-off for your convenience. Dogs that are dropped off in the morning acclimate better to the boarding environment.

Any pick-up after 6 p.m. will be subjected to a $10 dollar late fee. If an owner is more than 15 minutes late picking up, overnight kennel arrangements will be made at the owner’s expense.

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