FAQ: Boarding

What are the hours?
We are open 7 days a week.
Drop off hours are 7:00-9:00 AM and pick up hours are 4:00- 6:00 PM. We do not offer pick up or drop off on major holidays.

What records are required for my dog?
For the safety of our dogs and staff, all dogs must be current on the following vaccinations:
o   DHPP-2
o   Bordetella
o   Rabies

All paperwork and vaccine records must be received prior to the first day of boarding.

Are reservations required?
Reservations should be made in advance. Reservations for holiday stays need to be made early to secure a spot for your dog.

 We  have limited space on holidays,  Reservations made for boarding between June 29 – July 8, require a $70 deposit.  The deposit is credited to the dog’s stay. If you change or cancel your reservation at least seven days before your scheduled stay, your deposit will be refunded or applied to your account.  Cancellations or changes made to shorten your stay, 7 or less days  before your stay, will result in a forfeit of your deposit.

Please contact us in the event you need to cancel your reservations. We staff according to reservations as well as keep a waiting list for other boarders.

Please bring your dog to the building on a leash. This is required in the event that there are other dogs in the reception area.

If you do not have a leash, please come inside and we will gladly provide one for you.

Do I bring my dog’s food & bedding?
To help maintain your dogs diet we ask that you bring in their normal food. You may bring it pre-measured or in a container with feeding instructions.

We allow appropriate crate sized bedding and toys. If your dog is a “chewer”, we ask that you do not bring in their bed for safety reasons.

We do not allow rawhide treats as they are often hard on your pet’s digestive system and may cause choking.

Do you administer medications?
We are happy to administer medications during their stay. Please bring medications in a clearly marked container, as well as instructions on when to administer them.

What if my dog is sick or gets sick during his stay?
Please do not bring your dog to stay with us if he/she is showing any sign of the following symptoms:
o   Coughing
o   Sneezing
o   Vomiting
o   Diarrhea
o   Lethargy
o   Infection
o   Injury

Dog-Gone Fun offers an open play environment with dog to dog contact. We take every precaution to keep that environment sanitary and clean, but like any daycare, viruses can spread. If your dog shows any sign of the above symptoms they will be placed away from the other dogs and you will be asked to pick up your dog up and make other arrangements for their care.

My dog is exhausted after boarding! Is this normal?
Please be aware that after vacationing with us your dog will come home very tired and will lay around the house for a couple of days. This is normal as there is a lot of mental and physical stimulation during their stay. They may experience sore muscles and feet from being on the play surface outside. We make every attempt to monitor your dog to ensure that they have a Dog-Gone Fun time while with us!

Please feel free to contact us at (336) 993-2178 with any additional questions.

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